CHET TAKAGI and the Street Ronin  
NAME: Chet Takagi     
HAIR: Black    
EYES: Brown     
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”    
DISPOSITION: Self-involved and petulant 
OCCUPATION: Yakuza oyabun
Chet Takagi was raised under the Japanese Yakuza tradition of ‘oyabun/kobun’ (literally ‘father figure/step son’) to take over the Warlords when his master retired. Unfortunately for everyone, Silvershade emptied a magazine of .45 caliber rounds into his oyabun’s face before Bob came of age. He was left to be raised by the detritus of the gang, those so far without honor that they did not commit seppuku (traditional suicide with a friendly back-up for assist) but instead wandered the immigrant ghettoes claiming to be ‘ronin’ (samurai without masters) when really they were just b-holes with swords.
Bob’s oyabun at least had money stashed away for the kid’s education, so he got a pretty good one at that, but influence can never be underestimated. The sleaze he was raised by remained sleaze while every Yakuza of honor remained deader than Kelso’s nuts and unable to do anything about the royal d-bag Takagi was raised to be. He actually changed his name to Chet while he was in college just so he could be ‘The Chet-ster.' Supposed to sound like jester, but if you have to tell everyone it just isn’t funny, right? 
Well, don’t say that too loud because now he has a small army of katana-flailing frat boys on crotch rockets ready to do his bidding. They may be d-bags, but they’re well-financed, well-armed d-bags with enough numbers to stagger their way through taking down at least a lone Victory Knight.
LIKES: Blind followers     DISLIKES: The Drugstore Cowboys

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