BLOODY GUS & BLACK MAX CROWE Canadian Drug Pipeline
NAMES: Gus and Max Crowe     
HAIR: Red and Black     
EYES: Black     
HEIGHT: Short and tall 
OCCUPATION: Drug distributors
Bloody Gus and Black Max Crowe claim to be twin brothers, offering only that they “have their mother’s eyes” as proof. Most people assume that they mean they have their mother’s eyes placed in a jar of formaldehyde, locked away in a safety deposit box somewhere in Toronto. Others figure they’re referring to a nun chained to a wall in a private prison somewhere north of Nova Scotia. Still others think they’re just criminal morons who formed some co-dependent attachment during their years in various juvenile detention facilities across the chilly, Canadian landscape.
Oddly enough, there’s truth to all three.
Now the Bros Crowe are branching out, running their drug pipeline down into the States and tapping into the sought-after syrup known as Victory City. They’re making a fortune doing it, too, because someone with influence is backing them and getting that insidious supply of syrup flowing from the metaphorical tree of narcotics.
LIKES: Drug money     DISLIKES: Other money

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