I love making bad guys. I love crafting up a villain that really believes the whole damn world is wrong and he's gonna show them and then they'll all understand and he'll be the hero. I love crafting the misunderstood monster, the survivor getting by, the thief with good intentions, the hooker with a heart of gold. But more than any of them I love making THE VILLAIN, the James Bond-level baddie who's in the game just to be bad.
Yesterday we saw the HAMMOND HEIGHTS SCRAPPERS, the good guys of our opening story. Today I'm sharing the villains, THE KERES KABAL. Each of these bad guys has his own agenda, plot or scheme, but the main guy, that freaky damn albino, is THE VILLAIN. And he's got a nasty plot of his own.
I'm not gonna say too much more about these folks. Villains should be revealed slowly and plottingly, just like the way they work. So I'm just gonna throw some images down and let y'all enjoy what I'm cooking up with as little reveal as possible.
This is THE VILLAIN, the albino SIGOR SCARAVENGEN. The name is entirely made up, made to sound like some bizarre Scandinavian language that died centuries ago. SCARAVENGEN has an insane plot to take over Victory City and he's using the OCTAGON's activities as a cover for his actions.
And he's got those freaky red eyes.

Then we have BLACKRAVEN. His description is 'Venal little shit.'


LE VAMP. Le French.

RED TERROR and the BLOODY BASTARDS. Commie pirates.

BARON VON VELOCITY. Obsessed with speed and creator of the BULLETEER armor.

The BULLETEER armor. I think it looks like shit -- kind of like someone went nuts in Illustrator and didn't know when to quit -- but here it is anyway.

 GUN GHOST -- I actually like this guy's look a lot.

THE MORRIGAN. Mean, Celtic broad.

CRIMSON CHIMERA. Just ... she's getting re-designed, re-drawn and redone entirely.

And that's all of it for the bad guys. Wish I could say more, but I don't wanna give too much away right now.


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