I've put a lot of effort into developing the primary, secondary and even tertiary characters that populate Victory City and the Midnight Theatre so I like to share as much about them as I can whenever possible. I loved the 'Marvel Universe' and 'DC Who's Who' books when I was a kid, so I whipped up a little background on our primary good guys from "REVENGE of the OCTAGON" to share with y'all.

And yes, I am allowed to say 'y'all.' I grew up in Colorado.

NAME: Steven DeWitt     AGE: 50-ish     HAIR: Black and gray     
EYES: Blue     HEIGHT: 6' 4"
DISPOSITION: Always serious but somehow still charming 
OCCUPATION: CEO, Titan Enterprises  
HISTORY: Born to Sylvester and Diana DeWitt, Steven was raised in boarding schools with a silver spoon in his mouth. While in law school, Steven's mother was murdered. As the police sifted through a laundry list of suspects, Stephen began obsessively training to fight crime. His private investigation eventually led him to the criminal organization known as the Octagon and their leader, the elusive Lord Nyx. After years of fighting corruption as Victory City's district attorney and battling crime by night as Silvershade, Steven finally took on a partner, Ophelia Rose. Rose was of great assistance in the fight on crime but was critically injured while experimenting with DeWitt's terror gas grenades.
His resolution stronger than ever, DeWitt finally took down the Octagon only to discover that Lord Nyx was in fact I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU.
With Victory City safe, DeWitt retired from law and crime fighting alike, dedicating his time to business and social reform. Eventually, he saw the need for new protectors in the city and recruited his Victory Knights -- Jack Bandit, Dani Danger, Lana Lash and Furious. DeWitt now uses his vast fortune and the resources of his company, Titan Enterprises, to provide funding and equipment for the Knights.
POWERS: None. Just a background in boxing, the ability to take a whole lot of damage and the willpower of a god.
EQUIPMENT: A couple of Colt .45s, some body armor, and his terror gas grenades.

NAME: Unknown – He always goes by Jack Bandit    AGE: Mid-20s     HAIR: Black
EYES: Green     HEIGHT: 6'
DISPOSITION: Not the kind of thing he cares about
OCCUPATION: Deputized vigilante - Victory Knight
HISTORY: Very little is actually known about Jack Bandit and he prefers to keep it that way. At some point he was a smuggler in Ireland who got stuck in the middle of an arms deal that went bad. He won't talk about that. At some point he was shot several times and actually died. He won't talk about that. At some point DeWitt -- in Ireland on separate business -- forced a doctor to keep working on Jack and saved his life. He won't talk about that. Somewhere in there he found his famous bulletproof suit -- yes, even the tie is bulletproof -- but he won't talk about that, either. DeWitt saw Jack's heroic potential and offered him a spot with the Victory Knights, which Jack promptly refused. But DeWitt isn't stupid so he offered to pay Jack a ton of money to be a hero. Jack had grown up a poor orphan in Belfast and wasn't stupid either so he said yes. Also, he'd been targeted for death in Ireland and always wanted to see America. Now he spends his time keeping Victory City safe and his spare time being treated like some kind of crime fighting rock star. He'll happily tell you all about that.
POWERS: None. Great sense of humor, though.
EQUIPMENT: A bulletproof suit -- literally every piece of his suit is bulletproof. Other than that he's always got half a dozen weapons on him -- pistols, night sticks, brass knuckles, derringers, you name it. Jack's philosophy about weapons is that he'd rather have them and not need them, rather than need one and end up dead like he did last time. But he won't talk to you about that.

NAME: Danielle Sterling     AGE: Mid-20s    HAIR: Red     EYES: Green     Height: 5' 8"
DISPOSITION: Super professional but still has a sense of humor 
OCCUPATION: Deputized vigilante - Victory Knight
HISTORY: Danielle Sterling came over from Scotland with her parents as a teen only to shortly thereafter see them gunned down in the streets when caught in the middle of a gang fight. Swearing revenge, she put her athletic gifts -- and her unnatural, inexplicable good luck -- to use and began systematically hunting down each gang member responsible. This brought her to the attention of Steven DeWitt at a time when he was looking for someone with skills and motivations just like hers. Providing her with more training, a costume and weapons, Danielle Sterling became Dani Danger, the first of the Victory Knights.
POWERS: A natural acrobat, Dani combines her agility with her supernatural luck to confuse and then devastate her enemies.
EQUIPMENT: She's got a couple of collapsible boomerangs she keeps in her shoulder holsters that can also give off an electrical charge when they strike an enemy. Or Jack Bandit. She knocked him out once.

NAME: Ray Noble     HAIR: Blond     EYES: Hazel     HEIGHT: 6' 6"
DISPOSITION: Surly and serious with almost no sense of humor
OCCUPATION: Deputized vigilante - Victory Knight
HISTORY: Ray Noble grew up on the rough streets of Victory City with his brother, Russ. The two were known for their daring, their inseparability and their absolute unwillingness to back down from a fight. When the second war broke out Russ -- nicknamed Fearless by the locals -- was old enough to enlist and had to leave Ray at home. Every bully in town came looking to settle up with Russ gone and Ray was forced to fight on his own. Nicknamed Furious, Ray eventually came of age to enlist and joined the war effort. Ray soon learned that his brother was missing in action and his fury amplified a thousand fold. A burning, seething anger was trembling inside of of Ray.
Returning home, Ray joined the police force and his Furious reputation followed him. He was tough but fair with a particular intolerance for wife beaters. Eventually he stuck his nose in the wrong case and the wonderfully corrupt officers of the VCPD framed him and kicked him off the force. Ray's trembling anger began to spill over as he went after the dirty cops responsible and it was then he discovered his trembling hand of rage.
Once he'd cleaned up the rotten cops he was offered his old spot on the force, but he'd been made another offer already. Ray went to work for DeWitt under his moniker of Furious and instantly found himself hating Jack Bandit.
POWERS: Furious is the wielder of the trembling hand of rage, allowing him to channel all his fury and anger into his right hand and swing with enough force to punch through steel. The limits of his abilities are still unknown.
EQUIPMENT: A nightstick. The trembling hand of rage isn't exactly subtle and Furious' control isn't all that refined, so when lighter work is necessary he beats the crap out of crooks with his old police nightstick.

    NAME: Lana (Last name unknown -- even to her)     AGE: Early 20s     HAIR: Dark purple
    EYES: Blue     HEIGHTS: 5' 2"
    DISPOSITION: A kind of naive cheeriness but without getting on your nerves, she always tries to see the light in the darkest nights
    OCCUPATION: Deputized vigilante - Victory Knight
    HISTORY: Another orphan, Lana was found in a house by herself and not a stick of furniture in it after an anonymous call to the cops. She was 13 years old, couldn't speak and apparently had no memories. All she had for identification was a name on a piece of paper pinned to her shirt: LANA. Taken into state custody she was raised in a series oF institutions that eventually got her speaking again. She exhibited no signs of mental or emotional trauma but did display an uncanny athleticism and a dangerous lack of fear. Lana was often found up in trees or incredibly high rooftops, relaxing and enjoying the sights below. She was sent off to another institution for at-risk youth, but this one bore the Titan logo. DeWitt's attention was soon drawn to fearless little Lana and her unique abilities. He silently funded her education and training and when she turned 21 made her aware of her benefactor and gave her an offer to join the Knights.
    POWERS: Just as acrobatic as Dani Danger, Lana also seems to be able to climb anything without fail. She uses her agility, fearlessness and electrowhip to scale the greatest heights of Victory City. She's also becoming aware of pheromones she can project for a hypnotic effect but her control is limited.
    EQUIPMENT: Twin electrowhips that can extend for swinging around rooftops, they can grapple opponents and electrocute them, or she can just whip the hell out of them.

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