(L-R: Rod Crotch, Frank Mullet, She-Bang, Muzzle)
SHE-BANG & FRANK MULLET and the Drugstore Cowboys

MEMBERS: She-Bang, Frank Mullet, Rod Crotch, Muzzle

She-Bang and Frank Mullet are prime examples of humanity gone all wrong. She-Bang formed the gang when she met Frank Mullet more than a decade ago – she was a teenage candy striper and he was a hard-living, booze-addled, crank-addicted late-20s entrepreneur billing himself as a “proud purveyor and performer of fine erotic adult entertainment.” Once he showed her what that meant – and let her sample a rail or two from his never-ending stash of illegal synthetic drugs – Sheila Bandorski disappeared and the venal, bloodthirsty, hellish partnership of She-Bang and Frank Mullet was born. 

Never one to miss an opportunity, Frank recruited several of his friends into the gang. Most of them are now dead from a variety of causes such as narcoleptic fits while on cross-country motorcycle trips, overdoses on a variety of untested drugs stolen from pharmacies and veterinary hospitals, and shotgun blasts to the face (She-Bang doesn’t like having her orders questioned). Rod Crotch is still around, but how do you honestly like a guy known as Rod Crotch?

She-Bang recruited just one person: her sister, Martha, now known as Muzzle. She doesn’t talk much, she likes to screw around, and she is probably one of the best shots in the world.

DISPOSITION: Schizophrenically tweaked     

OCCUPATION: Dealers and tweakers

LIKES: Synthetic drugs, like crank and PCP     

DISLIKES: Anything that gets in the way of them getting synthetic drugs, like cops, walls, locks, pharmacists, other customers in the pharmacy …

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