JENNY REBEL  and the Chaos Agents
NAME: Unknown     
HAIR: Short and bleached blonde     
EYES: Brown     HEIGHT: 5’ 2” 
DISPOSITION: Cheerfully sociopathic
OCCUPATION: Part-time daddy’s girl, full-time sociopathic rabble rouser
Jenny Rebel is a vicious little thing, mean of spirit and short of fuse, that gets off on chaos of any kind. She spouts off her agenda of anarchy and discord when she is in fact a perversion of anything those concepts stand for. She’s just a mean little kid who likes to screw around with the punk rock scene and recruited some of the more like-minded into her cabal of catastrophe. They don’t question anything because she’s already rich and gets them some of the best illegal narcotics available on the streets of Victory City.
LIKES: Hand grenades, hot fudge sundaes and kittens.    
DISLIKES: Order.  

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