I thought I'd have to wait until next week but apparently they're starting promos for the show this weekend so I can officially show it now.
Root Sports had me do up a few illustrations for the intro they envisioned for the Dwight Howard Show, airing Feb. 7. The astounding Rich Ealom and his amazing crew at Root Sports handled the editing, animating, effects and music for the intro. All I had to do was draw and color for a week and then they put their magic to work and the end result is amazing!
This was a great project to work on -- everyone at Root was wonderful to work for and I just can't say enough good things about Rich Ealom.
And a very special thank you to my man Dennis DePrisco for recommending me for the gig. You, sir, are my hero! You have no idea how much that much recommendation means to me and I'll never forget it!

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