The Black Hawk Family

So I'm still in that place, doing that thing, and frustrated as hell creatively. I've had almost no time to work on MIDNIGHT THEATRE, but that isn't the worst of it. The worst is that I've hit a creative wall. It's like writer's block for drawing. I can write like crazy at the moment -- I've started re-writing HATE WEARS JACK BOOTS!, the sequel to REVENGE of the OCTAGON, in addition to my regular journalistic duties. I'm taking some great photos and I'm even getting a little creative in the community relations department.

Why yes, that is a double entendre.

But I can't draw for shit right now. No new ideas. No satisfactory work on sequential pages, even with Peter Cacho's amazing breakdowns to work from. Nuthin'. And I hate it.

So I managed to get this guy done. This is Kestrel, an extended member of the Black Hawk family of crime fighters.

Kestrel is the bad boy, the Jason Todd of the bunch, the guy who goes to the dark side. He's pretty mean, got a chip on his shoulder, rides a motorcycle, hangs out with easy girls with names like 'Tami' and 'Whisper' who listen to rock and cut themselves when no one's looking.

He thinks Whitesnake is an awesome band, the sad, misguided bastard.

And for the hell of it I'm gonna put Black Hawk and Cardinal up here so I have something to write about.

Black Hawk is my take on the Batman archetype. He's just purely a good guy, albeit a stern, aristocratic, egotistical asshole of a good guy. He always wins. Always. And he's got an extended 'family' of crime fighters, like Kestrel, who always think he's a dick but keep following him because A) He always wins B) They're all screwed up orphans and stuff searching in vain for parental role models and C) The dude is insanely rich and if your life is screwed up you may as well have nice stuff to make you feel better about it.


Cardinal here is not the first to wear the red tights, nor will he be the last. The original Cardinal was killed in action -- not sure how yet -- followed by a guy who now goes by Night Hawk. Then there was Kestrel, who quit because he's the bad boy. There's also a gal named Osprey, who's like Black Hawk's Catwoman -- smoking hot in skin tight leather with great hair -- and Peregrine who really needs to wear more clothes. Then there's gonna be a couple of members-in-training named Talon and Raptor, but they don't get to do too much. Maybe I'll make a Teen Titans-type group for them to join and get up to shenanigans with.

Anyway, I did all this work on these folks months ago. I've been trying to design up the others but the pencil just ain't meetin' the paper the way it needs to.

So that's my update. A little sad, a little bitter. At least I'm posting this from a bar full of beautiful Lithuanian women.

My sad life.


P.S. I'm generous. Here's an attempt I made at rendering Black Hawk.


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