‘BUNNY’ BONAPARTE  Commander of the Aerostallion Sky Brigands 
NAME: Brumhilda Bonaparte     HAIR: Brown     
EYES: Brown     HEIGHT: 5’ 10” 
DISPOSITION: Perpetually pretentious     
OCCUPATION: Air pirate commander 
Bunny Bonaparte, commander of the Aerostallion Sky Brigands, has got a face like an ice pick and the personality to match. Why anyone chooses to work for her is unknown because she is such a cold, narcissistic wench. I’ve met rectangles with softer edges than her. I’ve gone ice fishing in warmer water than her blood. I’ve eaten lemons less sour than her face. 
That said, she is a marvel in the air. Her Aerostallion Sky Brigands are rivaled only by the Norwegian Lesbian Sky Pirates in terms of skill and bravado, and that is really saying something. 
Bonaparte seems to command an unending line of pseudo-equestrian, postgraduate-age, sturm und drang-banger women who will do her bidding without question. They fly and fight with military precision and yet no one knows where they train or who with. And the only thing they seem to spend their money on is better aircraft. 
LIKES: Unachievable perfection. 
DISLIKES: All the rest of you filthy, unwashed masses. 

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